<![CDATA[theJab - theBlog]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 09:48:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[I can't believe it's over. And Music Monday.]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 05:18:54 GMThttp://thejab.weebly.com/theblog/i-cant-believe-its-over-and-music-mondayI got my last sunburn of the year on Saturday, and that's upsetting. The only time I'm not upset about having a sunburn, is at the end of summer when I know my chances of getting another sunburn are slim to none. And now, all over Alberta, it is snowing. It's currently 1 degree outside. Sunburn to full pants and a jacket in 48 hours. 

This summer was awesome. Toronto was the shit, I would go back in a heartbeat. Not to live, though. Too busy, way too busy. We went for a wedding at the AGO and it was absolutely gorgeous, I've never seen a venue decorated so beautifully. There was just the right balance of laughter and tears in the speeches, which is all you can really ask for. I'd have to say that aside from my partner in crime face-planting and chipping her tooth (I blame the open bar), everything went flawlessly. And I will mention Kris and Brit looked incredible. 

"What else did you do in Toronto?" people ask. Well, let me tell you, it felt like we visited every brewery in the city. We went to 5, and they were all great, we need more of those here. I went to my first MLB game, the Jays lost but we were too drunk to remember anyways. I have one regret, though. At one point I looked over my shoulder only to see the legend himself Paul "Biznasty" Bissonnette standing there, heading to his seat a few rows of us. We met him quick and got a picture, but I didn't get the chance to ask if he would be so kind as to unblock Jillian on twitter. 


We did the classic tourist thing to do and went up the CN tower. It was really cool, I was into it. The Hockey Hall of Fame was neat, I found my hidden talent which is goal tending (I saved 3 out of about 10) and missed the net entirely about a dozen times trying to defeat Lundvqist. We hit up Ripley's Aquarium just for the 'halibut' and let me tell you, I was 'hooked'. Holy 'macarel' we had fun in there. Did you catch all that aquarium humour? Nothing like a good fish joke. After that we hit up the harbour front and said farewell to the city and headed home. 

The following weekend was another awesome wedding in Lethbridge at the Coast for a couple of great friends. Lance and Caitlyn looked fabulous. I accidentally ruined their engagement by asking for a ride home when Lance had planned to pop the question, oops. We all danced the night away and spent an alarming amount of time taking bathroom selfies. That's what it's all about, right? One thing about Milk River people, is that they can drink. It's especially evident at weddings. I'll write a more detailed blog about that another day, though. I read a Lethbridge guys blog about how Lethbridge-drunk is this whole other level of drunk and people don't understand it unless they've lived it. Milk River blows it out of the water, it's not even a question. Until you've done a shovel shot or a dribble shot, until you've woken up to mystery chickens in your yard, until you've attended a Corvette dance, until you've tubed the river then went to a restaurant without pants, you have no idea. I left for 5 years and coming back has been the most challenging test my liver has ever had to take.

Throw a couple golf tournaments, bonanza days, and Coutts days into the mix and that about sums up summer 2014. My flight's booked for Vancouver and Victoria in the middle of November, that should be about the exact time I'll be depressed and whiny that I haven't been anywhere in awhile. I can't wait to head back to the coast and see a couple of my favourite people in the world. Ashley suggested that we go see a psychic. So, Blackhawks/Canucks game and psychic are the only planned events so far. Sounds great to me.

I'll end this on a musical note since it's Monday. Ryan Adams has a new album coming out tomorrow. His music is my heart and soul and my everything. I can say without second thought that he is my favourite musician, and I love me some music so that says a lot. I've got tickets to see him in October and I legitimately cried when I got them. I've seen him once before when he opened for Oasis and it was life-altering. So, get the new album, it's self-titled. But even more importantly, listen to his album "Heartbreaker". In my opinion it's one of the best albums ever written. This guy knows his shit. It's not upbeat by any means, but if you want to hear music that will haunt you (in a good way) you'll need to hear this. It was his first solo album and he nailed it. 


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I have been neglecting the blog for quite some time, I was going to blame the fact Big Brother and Suits are back on, but that's not why. I think it's because summer has been busy and full of work and I haven't done anything blog-worthy just yet. I was googling things to blog about for some inspiration and one of the suggestions was to abandon your blog for a week and really get people wondering what happened to you, then post something awesome. I've somewhat abandoned it for months, and nobody cares. So, I'll give you a music Monday. 

I had this brilliant master plan to stick with the decades them from the 70's until now, but after I did the 70's I came to the conclusion that that was, in fact, the best decade and I didn't want to do that idea anymore if I couldn't top it. 

This week I'm gonna hit ya with some Jack White. If you haven't grabbed the Lazaretto album, I strongly suggest you do so at your earliest convenience. I almost said "it's like music to your ears," but that's literally exactly what it is. 

Jack and Meg aren't brother and sister, just in case anybody still thought they were. I did until recently. They got divorced last year and the whole album pretty much screams it. I read a review that described it as "an adventurous album laced with menace" and I couldn't think of a better way to put it. 

It's bluesy and deranged, and I can't stop listening to it. It's a reminder that Jack White, despite the fact he is rumoured to be a bit of an asshole, is fucking cool. The guitar riffs- Ugh. A good ugh. I am a huge White Stripes and Raconteurs fan, but I think Jack White being Jack White is my favourite.

Check these tunes out:
High Ball Stepper
The Black Bat Licorice
I Think I Found the Culprit
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As far as tubing goes, I've never been the "leader of the pack".

I am simply the drunk passenger who packs duct tape and twisted tea, putting all of my faith into somebody else to get me and my tube from point A to point B. The Sandmonster is a sight to behold. My river co-pilot and I have actually passed out during the tube ride, getting sunstroke that is far too similar to a regular stroke (I think). I've consumed enough river water to kill a small child during a search and rescue operation (Jillian fell out of the tube and I was determined I needed to save her life in three feet of water). I've continuously lost all of my personal belongings (shoes, sunglasses, shorts, etc) and I've sadly done the first ever recorded almost-dribble shot (don't ask). You could almost say that as a group, we are tubing aficionados. 
Yesterday was different.

I'm going to start by apologizing to Mitch, for calling him about a dozen times for directions so simple it hurts my head to think about how I could have possibly messed them up. 

I was working yesterday, and in typical fashion I asked my mom to cover for me for a few hours while I went tubing with my sister and her boyfriend. She agreed, and off we went. "Let's just tube close to town," they said. "I know a way better spot," I said.

My first mistake was asking how to get to Weir bridge. The directions were impeccable and we got there easily, but upon our arrival I noticed this wasn't the bridge I wanted to be at, not at all. I've never seen this bridge before. It didn't take long to discover that the bridge I was actually looking for was Deer Creek. The second mistake was deciding to pursue the journey to Deer Creek instead of just tubing from Weir, but I've never tubed that route and the last thing we needed was a mystery river tour, and nobody knew how long it would take to get to Writing on Stone. So, another phone call for directions, and off we went for the second part of the journey.

"Just follow the road instead of turning into the park, and it eventually turns into gravel and takes you right to the bridge." Sounds simple enough, right? It would have been if we were on the right road to begin with. Knowing the 501 eventually turned into gravel, we figured that's what he meant, which was mistake number three. We were headed east and the Sweetgrass Hills were becoming farther and farther away, I knew we were on the wrong track but we kept going until it turned to gravel. We were nearly in Foremost when we decided we'd better turn around. Of course in these parts there is no cell service. So we drove and drove until I got a signal, and then finally it sunk in that my instincts were right all along and we should have taken the road I thought to take. We finally found the bridge! It took us two and a half hours to get to our 20 minute destination.

Obviously I didn't know my way to the rodeo grounds where we usually park the second vehicle and take off from. So we decided to cut the ride short due to wasted time being lost, and venture off from the park. We parked the truck, ready to unload the tubes (that had flown off the back of the truck numerous times, adding to our delay) and get going. Middleton grabbed the first tube and went to throw it in the grass to unload the rest... POP! I don't even know how this happens, but it was like someone had slashed it with a knife. Perhaps it was just a really sharp blade of grass.

Now we were down a tube. The day's events had led us to believe that with our luck we were going to end up stranded and dead in the hoodoos with no cell phones, food, or water. So I ended up going home. Yes, going home. After 3 hours and over half a tank of gas, I sent the two of them on their way. I went back to Deer Creek and parked the truck (I found it easily, this time) and headed for home. Of course, my fuel light had come on before I even left Writing on Stone. Maybe there is a god, because I made it back running on fumes. I ended up going back to work. No river, no beers, no fun. 

Middleton was reluctant to go after all that, but peer pressure got the best of her. They made it down the river, and home alive. Boots will live to see his 23rd birthday. Which is today by the way, so if you see that guy, buy him a beer. Happy birthday Boots!

Note to self: Don't go tubing without the seasoned veterans. 
Note to everyone else: Don't let me lead you on your tubing adventures.

<![CDATA[Throwing it back on a Sunday.]]>Sun, 22 Jun 2014 15:39:09 GMThttp://thejab.weebly.com/theblog/throwing-it-back-on-a-sundayI decided to go through some old videos I have saved on my computer before it's impending doom. It's going to die on me any time now, so let's milk it for all it's worth. 

In grade 12, while everyone was grinding and striving for perfect grades, Jillian and I had our minds set on making videos instead. I got one of them to upload on Facebook, but this one just didn't make it past the copyright rules. Highschool seemed to be 90% socializing, and a mere 10% learning, but we still managed to pass with flying colours. It's probably because of our videos. 

On another note, it's Coutts days this weekend and I still spend the bulk of my time hanging around most of the people in this video. I love my friends, and after Friday night, everybody knows it. I'm a little sad I can't be watching baseball this morning because I'm at work, but GO SUNDAY GIANTS!! 

*Side note, you can't see the video on your phone, and you actually have to click the title link to get to it on your computer.]]>
<![CDATA[I miss the blog.]]>Sun, 08 Jun 2014 19:38:09 GMThttp://thejab.weebly.com/theblog/i-miss-the-blogI don't have anything of relevance to say, except that I realized today I missed the blog. Summer is upon us, which means drunken floats down the river (soon), copious amounts of golf, and wedding season. I'm working three jobs which is a record for me, I'm more of a one-job type of gal. But I love them all which is essential. Mostly, I love Milk River. 

Suzanne came down yesterday and we hit up the community garage sales and bought the most high tech game of Clue you will ever find. It's a secret agent game, that supposedly will send texts to your cell phone with extra clues for the game; a feature that did not work. The game makes little to no sense to play, but we had a great time. It was just a fraction more fun than when we played Dungeons and Dragons. 

So far summer has been excellent, and it's just getting started. I'm counting down the days until I'm off to Toronto for a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I am pumped as shit for the wedding, but I GET TO SEE THE PANDAS. The Toronto Zoo is home to the giant pandas until they head to Calgary in 2017 and I've been having a hard time swallowing the fact I have to wait so long. It is pure fate that Toronto popped into the summer agenda. It'll be a lovely time with friends I don't get to see as often as I used to living in the city. 

I took a leap of faith in humanity today and let a guy I've never met borrow my clubs for a round of golf because our rentals were looking a little rough, a decision I may or may not regret. I'll keep you posted whether or not I get them back. I threatened his life if I didn't. Maybe this can be like a two-part series, keep the suspense running high. "Will she get her clubs back? Will they be in the same condition as they were when they went out? Did he steal all of her tees and balls?" Stay tuned. 

Anyways, I'll blog more when I have things to blog about, until then, I love you all.

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Something amazing is happening.

My cousin Jay has been working on something that I am so proud of. Social media is huge- but I think we can all agree that there is too much negative content. So they've come up with something that I feel is truly groundbreaking, Posi. The name comes from the word positive/positivity, and it officially launched last night.

"Posi is a free social tool that allows you to create and share meaningful content to other users. We want to channel the good in people by being their source for positive energy. We don’t want to waste your time with any hateful material – there’s no place for that; here or anywhere. Rather, our aim is to show users how truly uplifting the human race can be through stories of people performing random acts of kindness, overcoming adversity, inspiring one another, and showing what they truly care about – anything and everything that gets someone to react with a smile. We’re all capable of contributing a little bit of happiness to the world. Posi is what we’re doing to help." 

I asked Jay a few questions today because it's fascinating to me that somebody I know can do something so big. It took them four months and 1000+ hours of work, but they pulled it off. I wanted to know where this idea came from, their inspiration, the work involved, and the response they've gotten so far. Here's what he had to say:

"Posi is an App created by Posi Platform Inc. A company myself and Braden Pyper co-founded. The development team that built the app consists of an 18 year old whiz kid from Winnipeg Aaron Wojnoski and another 18 year old and co-founder of DASH agency Christian Lunny. 

The idea started as a website, thedirty.com but polar opposite, where people could come together and randomly compliment each other. This wouldn't work. Then we wanted to show people what we truly cared about on social media, without fear of it being put down. This way, if people judged you solely based on your social media, they would have a better idea of who you truly were.

Then I left for my second big solo backpacking journey.

As I had this idea, I "marketed" it. Which was basically me telling people from all over the world that I had this "idea".

It then got challenged by different worldview, insights and values and began to blossom in to something much more than we ever thought it could be. 

The most valuable part of travelling by yourself is that you meet the most amount of people, and you meet them in their raw format. You are constantly surrounded by positivity, openness, kindness and ambition. Being constantly surrounded by such incredible feelings changes the way your mind views the world in the most amazing way.

This is what we want Posi to be. A place on your phone where you can be constantly reinforced by positive content and consistently reminded how uplifting the human race truly can be. 

We wanted to eliminate all drama, negativity and insecurity associated with social networking. So we've eliminated comments. There is a positivity ring that changes colours based on how much love you're spreading and how inspiring you are. Your Followers/ Following become those you are inspiring/ those you are inspired by. We hope we can break the barrier or people pursuing a "follower" ratio. Posi is filled with solely meaningful and positive content so users should want to be inspired by as many people as possible so they can see the most amount of amazing content. 
Since your content can't be put down, we want people to post fearlessly and have that comfort when thinking about posting a picture or link.

Our inspiration came from people. Whether it's a viral link, someone like Ellen, or just a regular person doing more with their day. Posi channels the good in people's hearts and spotlights it. It's about time we focus on the good in the world.

The response has been amazing. People are ready for this. They are ready to embrace others for who they are. This is also a bully-free network, there is no way someone's content can be made fun of on Posi. Something we find essential for teenagers. 

We can change the current paradigm of social media, we can change the way we are individually connected and we can change individual outlooks on life to be more positive. 

In doing so,

We can change the world together." -
Jay Berard

I'm really hoping they can reach out to as many people as possible. Sometimes all it takes are a few positive words to turn somebody's day or even life around. So, I'm asking my friends to please visit their website (there is a great video), download the iPhone app, create an account, and start changing the way you use social media. You won't be disappointed! Join the movement.

- Brittany

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Here we go again. I've decided that for the next few weeks I'll do my top picks of songs for different decades. We'll start with the 70's. 

Why were the 70's awesome?
- The year the Oregon Trail video/computer game came out
- Pop Rocks candy 
- Light beer
- Lisa Frank
- Air hockey
- Hacky-Sack
- Lip Smackers
All inventions from the 70's. I also read that the high-five came to be in the 70's, but I don't buy that for one minute so I'm not going to publish it. I have a good feeling even monkeys high-fived before evolving into humans. It's just one of those things that has to have been around forever.

Over the Hills and Far Away- Led Zeppelin
In the early 70's, Led Zep was known as "the biggest band in the world", rightfully so. Simply posting one song would be cruelty, so here are a few more: Going to California, Stairway to Heaven, That's the Way, Since I've Been Loving You, and Immigrant song. I adore this band, Robert Plant is a king, but don't even get me started on Jimmy Page. A few of the links are live versions and they are amazing.

Dreams- Fleetwood Mac
Rumours was released in 1977, It's one of the best selling albums of all time which shouldn't come as a surprise if you've heard it. It was hard to choose a favourite because the entire album is that good. Other notable mentions: Landslide, Go Your Own Way, actually just listen to the entire thing, I'm going to list it anyways. 

Rocket Man- Elton John
Who doesn't love a good astronaut story? This bad boy was released in 1972, Sir Elton went on to record a ton of 70's hits including Crocodile Rock, Benny and the Jets, and Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Bell Bottom Blues- Eric Clapton
I have a bit of an obsession with Eric Clapton. This song in particular is in my top 5 all-time favourites list. He wrote the song for Pattie Boyd, his first wife. She was also George Harrisons first wife, she got around. The desperation in this song is beautifully executed. The music is outstanding, the lyrics are flawless, it's music perfection. Wonderful Tonight (this live video is awesome), Lay Down Sally, Cocaine, After Midnight,  and Layla (live, unplugged, and amazing) are some more top picks.

The Needle and the Damage Done- Neil Young
I could write an entire blog post about Neil Young alone. His book, 'Waging Heavy Peace' is a must read. He's a huge inspiration not only with his music, he's quite the environmentally conscious fella. He's an incredibly brilliant man. Again, so hard to pick just one song but I really dig this one. It's about the pain caused by heroin addiction, and inspired by a member of Crazy Horse who died of a heroin overdose. Heart of Gold, Old Man, Harvest Moon, Hey Hey, My My, Like a Hurricane, and Long May You Run are just a few other notable mentions.

I've just realized it's going to occupy the rest of the current decade if I finish this list, because frankly the 70's were the best. So the rest are coming at you sans write-up. 

Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Money
John Lennon- Imagine
ACDC- Highway to Hell (Still being blasted through every hockey dressing room I've gotten within earshot of)
Bee Gee's- Stayin' Alive
Rod Stewart- Maggie May (live unplugged, you're gonna want to watch this)
Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
Michael Jackson- Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run
Bob Dylan- Tangled Up in Blue, Shelter from the Storm, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Forever Young
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I've decided that since Monday is clearly the worst day of the week unless it's a long weekend, from now on it will be declared Music Monday. I'm a bit of a music junkie so I will share with you some of my current faves. Next time I'll stick to some kind of general theme with my picks. So here goes. I linked the titles up to YouTube because I'm fancy. Let me know whatcha think. Or don't.

To Build a Home- The Cinematic Orchestra
These guys do a ton of instrumental stuff, but this song is so beautifully written it makes me sick. That piano... Yikes. It hurts my heart. It's an older song but I admit it brings me to tears on a semi-regular basis so I thought I would share.

Klingande- Jubel
These guys are a couple of DJ's from France, with some heavy use of piano and the sax. You don't hear a lot of sax these days, they made awesome use of it. I'm generally not into house music, but this song screams 'summer' and I love it.

Mama- The Glorious Sons
A fairly new Canadian band that is definitely worth checking out. This is another song that makes me long for summer, or else that's just my I've had enough winter depression kicking in. If you wanna know more about them, check out their website. Fingers crossed they continue to make great tunes.

Never Wanna Know- MØ
This lady is Danish, and it took me about 10 minutes to make that fancy O in her name. She is the voice in Aviici's song 'Dear Boy', that's about all I know about her, I should dig a little deeper before I start bloggin'. She's got a few solid songs out there, worth looking into. If you like her sound, check out 'Waste of Time' and 'XXX 88'

Do I Wanna Know?- The Arctic Monkeys
I had a chance to see them live last year when they opened for The Black Keys and they were amazing. I've already posted once about this song, because it's my favourite thing to listen to lately. Some might say it's quite the sexy tune. I can't get enough of it. The lead singer was wearing a head to toe Adidas sweatsuit which was very ballsy. This entire album, AM, is really good.

Red Lights- Tiesto
Again, I will say that I am not a huge house or club music person, but here's one last one for you. A year ago I wouldn't be caught dead listening to a DJ, but it seems that my music horizons are broadening. Aviici opened my eyes! This is just another happy summer song. The snow is melting, life is good.

That's enough for now. Don't want to get too carried away my first week. Enjoy.

<![CDATA[Regrets]]>Thu, 13 Mar 2014 03:49:52 GMThttp://thejab.weebly.com/theblog/regretsLet me tell you a little story. When I was freshly 18, and Kayla was 16, we happened to be shopping on boxing day and thought we should do something fun, maybe something a little out of the ordinary. Maybe we could have went bowling, maybe to a movie, maybe to build a teddy bear at Wal-Mart's imitation build-a-bear store. Nope. We decided we were going to get our first tattoos. Regrets. 

We called around and the only place open was Tattoo Town, so we headed down there to see what was what. Kayla had to use a fake ID to sign up because she was underage. Classic. So we get all our info down, pay the guy ($100 by the way, which you will notice is the rip off of a lifetime once you see the tat), and then he asks if we can do him a little favour. "Of course we can!"

"Do you girls mind running to the liquor store down the street for me before we get started?"
Our hearts momentarily stopped beating because we thought this guy was going to get wasted before he tatted us up, and he already had our money so we probably would have let him. Turns out he had this 10 minute long story about how his dog ran away the night before and he was up all night and REALLY needed some apple juice. This guy was wearing pajama pants and looked like he drove in on a Harley and hadn't trimmed his beard in 43 years. Apple juice was the last thing I pictured him drinking. 

So the tats happened, we went to the mall and showed them off to anybody we could find. It's funny how when you're that age, literally everybody is at the mall, all the time. Here is what we came out with: Picture
We *think* it means friendship in Japanese, but nobody really knows for sure. If you're Japanese and happen to be reading this, we could really use your help. 

My favourite part of getting these tats, is that Kayla was too young and knew her parents wouldn't approve. She hid this bad boy for years from her dad. She wore socks with sandals throughout the summer to keep her ankle covered. Anyone who knows Kayla and how good she is at dressing properly knows she would not be caught dead with such a huge fashion faux pas. Her dad would have lost it if he knew we permanently ruined our ankles, though. To be fair, he was probably rocking the socks with sandals as well, like all dads do. Like father, like daughter. It was probably an ego boost.

There has been a ton of talk about what we could do to cover these things up. I even asked the guy at Miami Ink last month if he could maybe pop something over top of it. After much speculation, Kayla came up with this tonight:

So, that's a win. 

I'd like to give a major blog shout out to my best friend Kayla, it's her birthday tomorrow, or if you stay up past midnight it's her birthday in 2 hours and 15 minutes. The big 24, what a bore. 

Last week I pulled all my eyelashes off. Let me tell you, if there's a thing I don't recommend doing it's pulling off your eyelashes. Another regret. My eyelids looked like Homer Simpson's head. You know, with those two hairs. BUT, low and behold, who saved me? Kayla. She gave me the antidote. She's the most amazing girl with the biggest heart and I am incredibly lucky to call her my best friend. So give the girl some lovin' on her special day. If you're looking for gift ideas, her interests include but are not limited to: dressing better than everyone I know, her dog Bella, dressing her dog Bella better than any dog I know, and taking baths. I love ya Kay! 


<![CDATA[The 88's]]>Sun, 09 Mar 2014 21:29:59 GMThttp://thejab.weebly.com/theblog/the-88sPicture
It's been quite the week of nostalgic moments. That vodka, I tell ya. Simon sold the bar, so we went for that classic 'one last beer' at the Milk River Inn. One last beer is code for about 10 caesars on a Thursday night, followed by some high school reminiscing and a cheers to the graduating class of 06. This happens more often than any of us would like to admit. Did you know that every 17-18 year old boy has long blonde hair in Milk River? It's weird, they all look the exact same. It's similar to when all the boys had wings I guess, or frosted tips, those were the days. 

Everyone knows that 1988 was obviously the best year of all time. Our birth year, it was a good year. So I am going to dedicate this post to the greatness that is 1988. 

Alright let's fire this puppy up. I am a closet astronomy fan, I have a BYOB (bring your own binoculars) astronomy club that I am the sole member of. 1988 was the year the Hubble Space Telescope went into operation to explore deep into space, and it's still being used today mapping our universe. 

It was a big year for Wayne Gretzky. Him and Janet got married in Edmonton. The Oilers won the Stanley Cup AND it was the year Wayne was traded to the LA Kings. Paulina was also born in 88. 

Movies: Rain Man came out which is really all that needs to be known. But other notable mentions include Die Hard, Beetlejuice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Child's Play. Chucky tormented all of my younger years and is probably the reason people are so creeped out by dolls.

-The Winter Olympics were hosted in Calgary
-Prozac was invented
-Crack first started popping up in the US
-Those pianos you can play with your feet were invented
-The largest banana split ever made, 455 miles long
-The Sega Genesis came out, which in my opinion is the second greatest console of all time next to the classic Nintendo
-America's Most Wanted and COPS had their first television debut
-Elton John sold out Madision Square Garden for the 26th time
-Gary Busey was critically injured in a motorcycle crash
-The Miami Arena was build and the Miami Heat won their first ever game
-It was a leap year
-1988 has the most roman numeral digits
-It was the first year CD's outsold vinyl
-Jose Conseco was the first person to steal 40 bases and hit 40 homers, now he's just a mess on twitter

As for sports, like i said, Edmonton swept Boston in the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The LA Dodgers won the World Series. The LA Lakers won the NBA Championship. And Washington beat Denver for the Super Bowl.

It was the year Roy Orbison gave his final performance in Akron, Ohio before his sudden death from a heart attack that same year. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees included the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles.

Twas the year that some other young talent aside from myself and my friends were born. Skrillex, Rihanna, Adele, Michael Cera, Vanessa Hudgens,, Julianne Hough, to mention a few.

1988 was a lot of ups and downs for Mike Tyson. It started off with the richest fight in boxing history to that point, grossing $70 million. Both Tyson and Michael Spinks were undefeated and were each heavyweight champions. Tyson knocked Spinks out in 91 seconds. Later in the year, he went ahead and crashed his $183,000 car, then beat his wife. He decided to hire Donald Trump to be his adviser, and he was billed $2,000,000 for the four months. Then he went crazy and started to wreck furniture and shit at his mansion, and then he was sued for grabbing a girls ass. It was quite the year some might say.

The population was sitting at 5.1 billion people. Here are some examples of what things cost back in the day, beware, it's slightly depressing.  
Movie Ticket- $3.50 
Postage Stamp- 24 cents 
Dozen Eggs- 65 cents 
Gallon 2% Milk- $1.89 
Pork Chops Lb- 40 cents 
Logitech Mouse- $89.99 
Amiga Computer With Color Monitor- $849.00 
Ford Taurus- $9,996 
Volkswagen Rabbit- $7,104
Average Cost of new house- $91,600 
Average Income per year- $24,450.00 
Average Monthly Rent- $420.00 
Average Price for new car- $10,400.00 
1 gallon of gas- 91 cents 

So there you have it. 1988 in a nutshell.